Friday, May 21, 2010

Turtle Lights the Way

This little guy has been popping up from time to time in my drawing for years:

Ever since I was a small lad I've loved to go canoeing and one of the best parts was always spotting turtles sunning on a log, bringing in the paddles and floating silently closer to them -seeing how close you could get before the nervous little guys plopped off into the water. But the turtle character above, he's not nervous at all because he's wearing a jaunty hat.

So. To sum up: I am staunchly pro-turtle and pro-jaunty hat.


Tim said...

Yes, but where do you stand on ladybugs?

Anonymous said...

This is a bright spot in my day. Thanks, Ben!

Ben Hatke said...

Hey glad I could help out whoever-you-are!

Tim... I am pretty okay with ladybugs. I like to thik of myself as "progressive."

Tim said...

I usually stand on ladybugs accidentally in the garden. :)

For some reason I want to say this jaunty fellow's name is Raphael.

Very nice, by the way. Looks like there are going to be some lucky shoppers at the farmer's market tonight.

Annie said...

Will you be offended if I admit that I've always thought of this turtle as female? Maybe I'm just narrow minded. :(

Ben Hatke said...

Oh offensive!!! At least now I know better than to wear a jaunty wide-brimmed pinkish hat in your presence.

Or hang out with ladybugs.