Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Comics -On Monday!

The Hourly Comics Experience has me thinking again about Journal-style comics in general. It can be fun to try to capture the little events and moments of life in this form. This weekend a massive amount of snow dumped down on us. We went to sleep in Virginia and woke up on Hoth, so I drew out a few of the memorable events from our weekend adventure. Click the image below to read (you'll have to scroll down past last weeks hourlies):

COMING UP: I've been working on some smaller still life paintings which I'll post here soon. These fruity little compositions are helping me make some much-needed improvement on the basics of painting.


ina said...
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ina said...

I love your snow day! We haven't had enough snow here this year and we're definitely missing it.

I found you over at the hourlies. Here's mine.

I hope you don't mind that I followed you here. I hadn't drawn comics in years, and have just recently started painting again, too. I am enjoying finding so many other artists online to inspire me.

Ben Hatke said...

Follow away, Ina. The more the merrier, I say.

Your hourlies are cute! Gluten Free February sounds difficult, though...

Anthony VanArsdale said...

This was very entertaining! and beautifully done I might add! you made the line work look like it was easy for you

matt said...

That was fantastic, Ben!

regina doman said...

Ben, I finally got to see this! I love that our Lamb Adventure "made it" into your comic!

(I put a post up here as well: -- I'll have to post your link too!)

This was great!

regina doman said...

Hey Ben this is great! I finally got around to seeing this!

I'm honored that our Lamb Adventure made it into the comic. Wow!

(I posted about it at my blog but your lamb picture is way cuter!)

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks Regina! That lamb was ...well I think everyone loves lambs.

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