Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wise Guys

Three days short of a month between posts. Man it's like I don't even try anymore.

Here are some recent illustrations of some kids dressed up as the Three Wise Men. They are quite Sendak-inspired. There are a couple more over at

And here is a little leaf drawing that I did years and years ago. It keeps turning up between the pages of different old sketchbooks:

I may have a painting to post soon. I've set up my little wood shop as a sort of temporary painting area. It's rather dark, with only one small north-facing window, but I decided it's better than letting the painting part of my brain (and eyes) atrophy...


Anonymous said...

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Ben Hatke said...

Wait a minute "Anonymous" ... Your comments sound awfully vague. Are you a human? I think you aren't. I think your one of those *shudder* robots.

J. Smith said...

Those Three Kings should be put into a Christmas card. If only you had the ability to make prints - those would be fun to hang together on the wall at Christmas.

Dennis Chacon said...

Real cool stuff bro!

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