Sunday, June 28, 2009


"A person in a rented apartment must be able to lean out of his window and scrape off the masonry within arm's reach. And he must be allowed to take a long brush and paint everything outside within arm's reach. So that it will be visible from afar to everyone in the street that someone lives there who is different from the imprisoned, enslaved, standardised man who lives next door."
--Friedensreich Hundertwasser

I’m usually a classical architecture guy, but I’v got to fess up to loving the Hundertwasser House in Vienna.

On a more personal note, a friend of mine, Jason Arkles, was recently featured in an NPR interview. It’s the story of the unexpected way he ended up as a sculptor at the Cecil Studios after starting out as a puppeteer. You can listen online here.



Anonymous said...

i like this. i would like to live here. i like trees.

Anonymous said...

I love the Hundertwasser House as well as the man. I had a huge experience there that really changed my way of thinking about living, and that one needn't accept what was the standard 'mode,' and that buildings are important and they should be more human. Visiting the museum in Vienna is something everyone should do.


La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

oh, I like that Hundertwasser house was built for poor people.

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