Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching Kids

"Never a day without a line."  This is the first of a page of quotations in the Cecil Studios Handbook and the best possible advice for any prospective artist.  It's attributed to Apelles, a 4th century Greek painter (thanks Wikipedia!) and it's always stuck with me as I've strived to improve my work.
Now I certainly draw nearly every day.  But lately, as I've been focusing on comics, my life drawing and sketching has fallen by the wayside a bit.  To help make amends, I've gotten myself a 6" x 8" Strathmore drawing pad and begun filling it with sketches of the models I have close at hand.  They are small and they don't hold still for long, so it's catch as catch can.

Strathmore Drawing Medium is still my favorite sketchbook paper.