Monday, March 23, 2009

A Sketchblog!

That's what this is turning in to I tell you. I say to myself "I am going to post some useful information about swords" and what happens? Here I am slapping up another batch of sketches of kids. At least this time I broke out the watercolors a bit. The first one is from my favorite old picture of Zita from a couple winters ago. The second was a really quick and loose sketch using a frayed old brushpen, and the last is Angelica who was holding a cat when I started the picture.

I'm reading the Alvin Maker series, by Orson Scott Card. This week I'm on the second book, Red Prophet, which is all about a sort of alternate universe fantasy version of Tecumseh, Tenskwatawa, William Henry Harrison, and the events that transpired within a few miles of the place where I grew up. The real, non-parallel-universe history of the battle of Tippecanoe was also the subject of my college Thesis. How did I not find these books 20 years ago when they were published?