Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ink Slinger

This picture was sketched from a photograph of Angelica on the morning she woke us up as Santa Lucia for a beautiful midwinter breakfast.

In other work news I've been slinging ink like a madman and getting buried in comics pages as I try to get this crazy graphic novel all in order. There are worse things to be buried in (trust me). One funny thing about working intensely on comics is that every so often I realize that I’m making sound effects while I draw. I think this might actually be pretty common among illustrators and other artists, especially when working on more exciting projects. But common or not, I still look up occasionally -embarrassed even though there’s no one in the room to notice my “howling wind” noise or my “bellowing troll” noise.

And while we’re on the subject of comics: there’s a fun interview with me up on the Parable Site right now. This interview actually started a year ago, and then picked up last week. The interview makes no mention of my “bellowing troll” noise.