Friday, January 9, 2009

Ho Trovato un Scoiattolo en la Strada

Yes, I found a squirrel in the road today.

Angelica and I periodically draw the animals that we find. We've drawn birds and mice and old bones and, recently, the hermit crab. Today we had the chance to draw a recently killed squirrel. I went out for a walk and as I was coming home there was a dead squirrel in the road. He wasn't there on my way out, and he was still ...flexible. So I brought him home.

We sat outside and made drawings of him. Unfortunately I can never post angelica's life drawings because she always meticulously cuts them out and ferrets them away somewhere. So I'll just post mine for now:

(Only the front half. The cold got to me and I fizzled out on the back.)

This last week I've been reading a book called The Forger's Spell which, if you are into art, history, or a good caper, I highly recommend. The book recounts the story of Han van Meegren, a forger who made millions selling Hitler and high ranking Nazis fake Vermeer paintings.

Lastly, something from the vault -A ninja turtle!: