Friday, December 12, 2008

All I Got Was This Cat.

This guy was part of a big Nativity illustration. Sad to say, this little cat is the only part of the picture I'm happy with. Sometimes, I pursue a poor illustration for a lot longer than I should.

So, since I seem to be losing my ability to draw, here is a short list of very fine illustrators blogs for you to look in on:

Julia Denos

Eric Orchard

Lauren Castillo

Tony Cliff (dude can draw)

Anthony VanArsdale

I'm thinking of adding another sidebar where I can put links to these other makers of pictures.


Nick-dog said...

That's a very cool cat at least!


Margaret Perry said...

oooh! a new sidebar!

i do like the cat.

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks Maggie. Your new blog will be there!

Annie said...

Aaaw. I love cats. And Anja does too--she saw this one and said, "cat!"

Ben Hatke said...

What?!? She did not!