Monday, November 3, 2008

The Best

Great Stars Above.

I think that the ultimate documentary film of all time has been made.

Watch the Trailer and tell me it's not so!


mike said...


lj tanner said...

Ah, like so many things in life, the movement away from sword fighting is an indication of our departure from personal involvement throughout society. If you are to fight a man one-on-one brandishing your sword, you are going to feel the weight and responsibility of that encounter intensely. In contrast, if we remove ourselves from such contact and attack from afar (automatic weaponry, drone plane bombing), the immediate reality and horrifying consequences are lost on us. The enemy is dehumanized and less real, and we become more cavalier about engaging in further attacks.

I believe you could remove sword fighting from the above discussion and insert any number of topics. So many issues have been couched in softer terms that we are no longer faced with their harsh realities. We attack the human fetus in abortion, we attack God's love among us and connecting us by denying it with birth control, we attack the elderly and infirm by sympathetically offering assisted suicide to the weaker of the species, we attack Christ's acceptance of all by stereotyping blacks, hispanics, muslims, or homosexuals as groups to be dealt with and not treating them as individuals.

I do realize you were sharing this trailer with glee, so I apologize for raining on that parade. I just got something a bit deeper out of it.

lj tanner said...

(Just to clarify, by "Christ's acceptance" I do not mean a blind acceptance. Christ was not shy about speaking the Truth, and he would tell people when they were leading errant lives. Yet, He did not do so from an Ivory Tower. He dined among them...)

Tim said...

Just added this film to my Netflix queue.

I found your blog via the CIG and have added you to the short list of illustrators I follow on my RSS reader. I look forward to seeing more sketches and reading more blog posts.

Ben Hatke said...

Woah! Thanks Tim! It's good to know you're reading.