Friday, May 16, 2008

Back Online

After two months of bitter frustration and violent fits of temper, intermixed with bouts of piteous weeping, i am once again online in Gravagna. This time thanks to the magic of the Vodafone Internet Key. It's pretty okay. But it's hard to get a signal in a place like this:

I like the internet. And I like e-mail. I get a little shaky when I have to go without those things. But I've found something that helps. Here it is:

See, in this place the entire years worth of wine comes to you in a huge truck. You buy it in these enormous wicker-wrapped glass jugs and then you bottle it yourself at home. So if things look glum in the spring (say, for instance, gas starts to become prohibitively expensive), you can say to yourself, "at least i have a cellar full of wine" and then, you know, it's not so bad.

So stay tuned. I'm glad to be back, and I have lots more to say. The updates are going to be coming in pretty frequently.

(oh, and a couple links):

-This American Life recently devoted an episode to explaining, in good detail, the housing/mortgage crisis. I highly recommend downloading this fascinating episode.

-And my pal Steak has some funny ideas about life rafts.


Eric Orchard said...

Oh man..A years worth of wine.
Glad you guys are doing well, the photos are beautiful. Are you getting much drawing done?

Ben Hatke said...

Well, that's actually more like a week and a half... HA!

As for drawing, I'm doing fairly well keeping a sketchbook so far, which is good. But mostly I'm working on a book project which I'll start posting more about soon!

As soon as I'm caught up on the internets I'll drop by your blog because... what's all this about pirates?

Eric Orchard said...

Book launch on the 22nd. I'll send you an invite.

Anna said...

Don't you live in Nova Scotia?

Anna posted this hilarious picture on her blog of the chicken that our girls dressed in an infant sweater. Maybe worth a look if you like dressing animals.

Eric Orchard said...

Well... I don't expect you all to make it but I wanted you to know you're invited..

Annie said...

Welcome back, Ben! I loved the picture of the chicken. I would've sent you more text messages, or even maybe called, but you see my dog ate my cell phone one day and so, unfortunately, I lost your phone number. Bummer, huh.

Ben Hatke said...

Is that all? I'll just text you again and you'll have my number! At least MARTIN didn't eat the phone this time.

WondrousPilgrim said...

welcome back, ben. your wine cellar is the best idea i have ever heard of for sustainiblity and dealing with whatever crisies life throws at you. like the other day i had three dollars and an empty tank. so i had to stay home until i got more money to buy gas. life would have been a LOT more fun if we had had a cellar of table wine to imbibe while grounded. god bless the itialians.

Ben Hatke said...

Everybody here is mad because gas is now more expensive than wine.

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

Bicycle! Who needs a car?