Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bohemian Highway

Not long ago we were given a bottle of Bohemian Highway wine. The wine was pretty good, but I was especially taken with the lable and the very idea of the "Bohemian Highway." For a family that travels the way we seem to, I guess it's no wonder the idea caught my fancy.

We are down to the last seven days before we start our journey back to Italy. I will be setting up shop and working on some really good projects this time around and hopefully I'll be able to post about that soon! Needless to say, packing up the kids for a trek to Gravagna -especially in cold, cold March, will be an "adventure."

Here's a superquick sketch of Family Hatke on the Bohemian Highway:

You can imagine music from Blackmores Night playing in the background.


mike said...

good travels, ben!

Steak said...

You don't fool me at all, Ben. Sure, you want people to THINK that you're off living the peasant life in some Old-Europe village hidden away in the rustic Italian foothills.

But I know where you REALLY go: Sandals Resort in Montego Bay.

Nice try, Ben, but I highly doubt that there are any "Bohemian highways" that lead to a Sandals Resort.

Ben Hatke said...
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Ben Hatke said...

(I changed what I wanted to say)

Thanks Mike!

Steak, the true Bohemian Highway is in your heart. Therefore if you "follow your heart" then you really are on the Bohemian Highway after all. Even if it leads to Sandals Resort. Or Target. Or TGI Fridays.

"And knowing is half the battle."

Steak said...

By that logic, the Bohemian Highway could lead you ANYWHERE. Even PRISON.

I'm going to see if that works if I ever end up in prison:

"What'd you do to get in here?"

"I was following my heart along the Bohemian Highway."

I suppose that'll sound a lot better than, "I was stealing cars and setting them on fire."

Ben Hatke said...


Nick-dog said...

No, no Steak. You could say:

"I was stealing cars and lighting them on fire... I could drive them on the Bohemian Highway!"


Ben Hatke said...

Nick, I can see that you TRUELY have the Bohemian Highway in your heart.

Ben Hatke said...

Check out this information from the Blackmores Nights Bio page:

1967 - RITCHIE BLACKMORE - who has previously played with such bands as the Outlaws, Screaming Lord Sutch, and Neil Christian & The Crusaders - is invited by ex-Artwoods/The Flowerpot Men keybordist Jon Lord (who was invited by The Searchers ex-drummer, Chris Curtis) to form a new band. Other musician's would be auditioned from a Melody Maker ad in Deeves Hall in Hertfordshire.

Man, Screaming Lord Sutch?!? Now THERE'S a musician I need to learn more about!

Nick-dog said...

You better believe it Ben!


Anonymous said...

ben, che bello questo superquicksketch!
quanto tempo passerete a Gravagna?

Sono contenta che tornate in Italia!
Forse un giorno posso venire a salutarvi...

good packing and
buon viaggio!

Anna May said...

And I've read this one too.

Ben Hatke said...

Grazie, Anna, per gli benedetti!

Stiamo en Gravagna per tiempo lungo -penso cerca otto messe!

Dove tu habita?

Aunt Anna May you're great.

Anonymous said...

ciao Ben, io abito a Milano, ma nel week end vado a trovare mia mamma che abita a chiavari.
Vicino 5terre!
ciao ciao!

Eric Orchard said...

Have fun Ben! Have a Barollo for me.

Eric Orchard said...

And I love the line work in the picture, the expressive receding lines are great.

Ben Hatke said...

Woo! Thanks Eric Orchard!

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