Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dungeons and Doodles

I spent a couple very enjoyable hours last night playing Dungeons and Dragons. The new wrinkle, for me, was that I played the game with my friends in Virginia thanks to a couple of webcams and a program called Skype. It felt good to be rolling the old 20-siders again.

And when I play I draw. Here are a few odd doodles from last night's game:

And here is my first picture of my new character, a shiftless rougue named "Quill Porcupino"

Yep. Drawn on an envelope.


Annie said...

HAhAHAHAHA!!! I love it!! Now you're not only a D&D nerd, but you do it with WEBCAMS!!!!! Remember that time you were making fun of other people for being nerdy? I forget now exactly what it was... but it was hilarious.
p.s. I'm not making fun in a mean way, I'm making fun in a nice way!

Jeannine said...

Skype is so great! This is how we kept in touch with our son over in Austria with Franciscan University of Steubenville this fall. It's so hard to believe that it's free!

Ben Hatke said...

Annie, I think i was talking about going to the comics shop and looking at the comics and the D&D miniatures and I said something like "the batman and wonderwoman statues are for the real geeks.

Anyway, being a D&D playing, comic book drawing/reading guy, half of whose wardrobe is made up of capes and masks ...well, I can't really call anyone a geek.

And Skype is the real life, honest-to-goodness George Jetson video-phone. And you know what THAT means:

The flying car is just around the corner.

Annie said...

I like your sketches! Must have been a good game!

Ben Hatke said...

Oh, it was

Annie said...

HEY, that Annie isn't me!! There's another one?!?

Ben Hatke said...

Yeah, that's my friend Annie from Alaska! She's a