Monday, November 12, 2007

Moving Tips...

Yes, we've moved! Once again the Hatke's are living in Lafayette, Indiana. For the time being we are living in the small appartment where Angelica was born. It's a cozy little place that reminds me a little bit of Michael Hague's illustrations for The Wind in the Willows. (Hague's website is here, and it has some great art, but beware the complicated flash interface). Some of you may remember the place well, but here's a picture to jog your memories:

Oh, and here's a moving tip for anyone thinking of going through the insanity of packing your worldly things into brown boxes. ALWAYS CLEARLY LABEL THE BOX WITH THE COFFEE POT. Better yet, just drive with the thing on your lap.

More updates (and pictures!) from me soon -as I continue to set up my studio.