Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Bird

Happy Thanksgiving!

This picture is one of my very first freelance projects. Sometimes I think about the young man who drew this turkey. All freshfaced and excited to be taking on "freelance work." You can tell how excited I was because of all the details in the feathers.

Originally there was even text that said "Turkey Day Deals!" (I cropped out on that action).

Turkey Day Deals, indeed.


Eric Orchard said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ben! Great turkey. I'm a big fan of detail.

Ben Hatke said...

Yeah. I'm a big fan of dewing. And also dehead.

Chris Chan said...

Jokes like that are demeaning and depressing.

Happy belated Thanksgiving, anyway!

Angela said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving, Ben (and great turkey, here). In thinking on Thanksgivings past, I smiled when remembering one year at Padre Pio with a whole host of delightful dinner companions! I hope all of the Hatkes had as happy a holiday this year.

Steak said...

I remember you showing me this turkey so many years ago! I remember how happy and proud you were of those "Turkey Day Deals" and the attention to detail with the feathers.

What ever happened to that happy young guy who drew this turkey? How did he end up as an empty bitter shell?

Ben Hatke said...

AAh! Angela! Thanks so much for checking in on my blog! If I was still the happy young fellow that Steak remembers I would update more often.

But since I'm just a grizzled, vindictive crust of a man, you have to make due with some sparsity.

Where are you these days? I remember the Padre Pio Thanksgiving very fondly. What other time in my life would I be able to spend a "family" holiday with a dorm full of college girls?

Angela said...

Grizzled and vindictive? I don't believe it, Ben. I'm actually just a couple hours' drive north of you now- at least until Labor Day when I complete a judicial clerkship here in South Bend. If you, Anna, and the girls are in the area, please stop by for a visit. (angelapfister[at]yahoo[dot]com)