Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Merchandise: Part One

Getting a surprise in the mail is certainly among Life's Simple Pleasures. I'm lucky in that I seem to get a lot of surprises in the mail. Although, I should admit that one of the reasons I get surprises in the mail is because I am pretty good at Forgetting About Things. People who forget stuff generally get a lot of surprises.

Anyway I had completely forgotten about the American Chesterton Society's project of turning this magazine cover I illustrated for them:

into an actual 3-dimensional reality. So it was great to find this in the mail the other day:

I think the sculptor did a better job than I did. These great ornaments are available for purchase on the ACS Merchandise Page (They alo have a GKChesterton Frisbee).

And in other news: You may have noticed the title of this post was "The Merchandise: Part One. That's because I'm thinking of auctioning some of my recent artwork on e-bay in an effort to fund some ...costume-related activities. Hmm...