Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot Vacation!

I've been back from our summer trip to Indiana for over a week now, but while I was there I did a little firebreathing for my growing crowd of nieces and nephews. The funny thing is that I had their rapt attention, but for my own kids the firebreathing hardly registered.

The worst part is that when they are teenagers they'll actually be embarrassed by it.

Observant readers may notice that I am wearing the same dirty sleeveless shirt as in the last picture. I've had that bad boy since college and over the years it has faded from black to a rich patina of gray. Every time Anna makes a pile of clothes to throw away I manage to save this gem, this true treasure of the t-shirt drawer.


Anonymous said...

Ben, that is such a tough shirt, perfect for fire-breathing!

Thank you for saving this rich and wonderful piece of fabric!

It kicks serious a.


Sarah said...

Fr. Alex came by yesterday and Christopher said to him "My Uncle breathes fire!!" (He thinks you're part dragon) Which prompted Fr. to tell his own fire breathing tales. Only he used Everclear and did it in the seminary bathrooms!

anna said...

Yes, that shirt is among the more tolerable specimans. . .

Let's not start a topic on the box of wrestiling t shirts and singlets. . . ;.

Anonymous said...

In the "Better Late than Never" category, it occurred to me a while back when you were so take with the name Lawless that it wasn't such an unusual name. I knew I was a ware of others by that name. I was reminded again last night when reading of the death of one William B. Lawless, Jr. He spent several year as...are you ready for this...dean of the Notre Dame LAW SCHOOL!

I thought you'd enjoy that.

Ben Hatke said...

Well, yes, I do enjoy that, whoever you are!

And Anna, I'm getting better all the time about getting rid of old stuff -yours too! So watch out!

Nick. I know you will always understand me.

Sarah, that Fr. Alex story sounds like the windup for the Viking funeral pyre that we keep hearing about...

Today we're weeding through old stuff in the basement. Getting rid of lots of things. My next post will probably be about this -and ACTION FIGURES.


Christina said...

Now why in the world should they be embarrassed? As a teenager I can assure you that I think firebreathers are AWESOME (especially a certain one named Dustfinger... ;) ) and if my dad could breath That would be stunning.

Ben Hatke said...

Ah Dustfinger...!