Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thanks to my fine parents, I've added a small 's' to my sidebar information so that "playing my tin whistle" becomes "playing my tin whistles." Two weeks ago my parents came out to our house for a weekend visit. It was a fun time for all of us, but I was particularly excited because they brought with them a new low d tin whistle (the larger whistle in the picture above).

Now I can play slow, sad tunes and haunting melodies that drift through the night or somesuch.

I'm also ading a list of links. A friend of mine was upset, horrified even, that did not have a link to my wife's blog. Well, at least this is one problem in this sad world that I can actually do something about.


Sarah said...

You'd better add Annie before she notices. You know how crazy pregnant women can be!

Ben Hatke said...

Ha! I didn't put annie on there on purpose. Just to shake things up a bit. But I told Anna it was because Annie uses livejournal.

Todd Michael Rogers said...

I like your artwork, it's top notch, maybe even top shelf.


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