Friday, June 1, 2007

Let's Be Fancy!

Everybody likes to feel classy and swank at least some of the time.

The other day I made some classy and swank leather wine bottle wraps. With these great wraps you can drink the vino with class even if you're the worst kind of rag-tag roustabout. You see, these wraps cleverlyu hide the labels of your cheap two-buck-chuck and, since they sport hand painted illustrations on leather, everyone will assume that you wine came out of the private reserve of the king of America.

Best of all, these new leather winewraps cleverly lace up the back so that you can use them over and over again!

So stop dressing like a wino! Get yourself a classy winewrap today!


Steak said...

Wow! How much did that wine cost? It looks like you must have paid ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!

Where did you get that kind of money to spend on wine?

Sarah said...

Those are AWESOME!! You'll need to make some "jumbo" sized for the jugs of wine that Mama drinks each night!

Anonymous said...

Your mother drinks jugs of wine every night?!?


Ben Hatke said...

Thanks for airing out the family laundry there, Sarah.

hey Steak, you can budget for classy cultural things like one hundred million dollar bottles of wine if that's what you value.

You see, I value the finer things and that's why my kids are always wearing old potato sacks!

Anonymous said...

Sarah should be careful whom she accuses of drinking jugs of wine. Mama definitely has plenty of help when the bottle is opened, and you-know-whom usually seems to be around. Well, I help some, too.


Nat! (AKA 'KING OF AMERICA') said...

yo Ben!

Do these brilliant devices AlSO work for...

-- Yukon Jack bottles
-- 'Wine-in-a-Box'
-- Cough Medicine
-- Scope


Now your average Scope bottle is...uh..conspicuous when you try to use it while...uh...entertaining. Would you estimate the expense differential in producing a cover for such a need? MANY MANY THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Have You been snaggin my wine? Without INVITING me !
-Scattered Sam
King of America

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