Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Blog Rating thanks to Dean, whose blog is also rated G. My pal Steak has a blog and it got a rating of PG-13 based on the following words (which I'll write with dashes so that I don't lose my own rating): k-i-L-L (10 times), c-r-a-p (2 times), h-u-r-t (one time). Hey Steak! Time to wash out your keyboard with soap!

In other news: I'm on vacation in this week! It's the funtimes.


gipsyjaime said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gipsyjaime said...

what about a link to my blog? what am i, here: chopped liver? i mean, i've had a link to your blog on my blog practically since i started it!

gipsyjaime said...

happy, happy 30, by the by.

Ben Hatke said...

Now now, big J. The list of people I have offended JUST BY HAVING A LINKS SIDEBAR is growing like wildfire! So far it includes Ryan C, Jaime B, AND MY SISTER ANNIE!

The other interesting thing is that I was on the Tippecanoe Library wireless internet yesterday and my blog here was BLOCKED!

Cooincidence? I doubt it. I think the library is also offended by my links bar. All this just goes to show that a guy can't win.

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