Friday, February 24, 2023

Still Writing, Still Learning


It was August when I opened up my notes and started serious work on redrafting this novel. I had planned to wrap it up in mid-November. I never guessed that I would still be working on the final few chapters with March looming. But one thing I can say: 

I have learned a lot from writing, and re-writing this book. And I’ve learned a lot from sitting with a story for fifteen years from inception to final draft. And even here in the final weeks, as I push to the end, I will sip my morning coffee and a little bit of plot or theme or a moment of character will snap into place like a puzzle piece. 

But still, I am *aching* for this one to be finished!

It’s time to turn this one in, hoist my little knapsack full of lessons learned, and walk on down the road to the next project.