Monday, November 19, 2012

Journal Comics, JL Sketchbook, and MORE POETRY

I'm back from a five day visit to Miami and the Miami Book Fair. Here's what I thought of the experience:

Actually it was a lovely weekend full of school visits, a great outdoor book event, and a chance to catch up with my friends Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, and Zack Giallongo.

Now that I'm back I have more Justice League Poetry by Mr. Tom Riley! I give you:




I'm having a blast with this little side project. I even brought my sketchbook along to Florida and I spent some of my spare moments doodling more Justice League ideas. I'm on the fence about whether or not to include Aquaman in my lineup, but if I do I'm pretty sure he'll have gills on the sides of his chest and will be more of a mer-creature with a kelp-y beard...