Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Wow.  sorry about the lack of blogging lately.  I have embarked on the massive job of coloring Zita the Spacegirl book 2.  I’ve been spending a lot of time on each page, bringing the coloring up a notch or two over the last book, but between that and the freelance work I’ve become a bit of a zombie.  Nevertheless, there are a couple of things I wanted to share.

Last week I opened my mailbox and found a book that I worked on years ago that has finally, just recently, found its way into print. The book is called Parable. It’s a funny and widely varied collection of comics with a Christian theme (many of them, as you might expect, retelling of Christ’s parables).  The collection was compiled by Mike Maihack and features art and stories by 21 different artists and writers. My story was about Simeon the Stylite, an ascetic monk who lived for nearly 40 years on top of a pillar.  As I said, it’s been a few years since I drew this and it’s nice to finally see it in print.  The book is published by Lamppost and you can order a copy here.  

The other thing I wanted to mention is that some friends of mine are independent filmmakers.  And they don’t make stuffy, depressing, faux-hip “indie” films, either! Their work tends to be a nice mixture of big ideas and snappy dialogue.   They’re good at what they do.  They have talent and energy.  Right now they’re trying to raise funds to start filming a new online comedy miniseries called “Fruitcake.” To do this they’re using an internet fundraising tool called Kickstarter.  Have a look at their kickstarter video.  And if you aren’t already familiar with Kickstarter, poke around.  It’s kind of a fascinating idea.


Margaret E. Perry said...

SIMEON THE STYLITE is one of my favorites!!!

Tim said...

I ordered a copy of Parable and they sent me a freebie copy of Armor Quest to go along with it. Nice!

John Doman said...

Just got this. Although a few stories aren't quite as strong as the Flight comics (not yours Ben) overall it's really awesome! Artwork is excellent and the stories are well-written. Like a Christian version of Flight. Which pretty much sounds like the awesome-st thing in the world.

Ben Hatke said...

Oh great! I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's definitely a wide variety of stories and styles in the book. It's strange to have a story sit for so long and then see it in print. I'm actually kind of interested in doing a few more stories in the "simple stylite style."


David Vignolli said...

Looks nice your comic! I will look for it in my favorite comic shop next time :)

I am also making comics besides my other jobs as designer and illustrator and sometimes I feel like a zombie as well working late in the night and having the feeling the work progresses with the speed of a tired snail ;)

Keep up the good work! :D

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks David!

(Sempre piano piano, come la lumache!)

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