Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Little Gems

First this illustration from The Ballad of the White Horse:

"One dim ancestral jewel hung
On his ruined armour grey
He rent it and cast it at her feet
Where, after centuries, with slow feet,
Men came from hall and school and street
And found it where it lay."

the second little “gem” is this animated adaptation of Shaun Tan’s “The Lost Thing.” It’s beautifully done, sad and lovely and well worth a watch. Take a look. (and thanks Dan for passing it along!)

Finally here’s a link to a recent interview I did for The Graphic Novel Reporter. It’s not long, but I do mention Elfquest and Tin Whistles and how I keep getting in trouble at museums.


Red Herring Jeff said...

Great interview, Ben! I've been really enjoying the Ballad of the White Horse illustrations. Are you self-publishing it?

Fr Matthew Green said...

In the interview, you mention having drawn a number of Zita web-comics. Are those still available online anywhere?

Ben Hatke said...

Unfortunately no. (or maybe fortunately for me since they are of dubious quality).

When I took down the Zita site intending to redesign it I put all the old comics on an external hard drive.

Which I dropped.

There's an early one that I particularly miss, though, and hopefully one day soon I'll be able to take the drive in and see if any information can be retrieved.

Fr Matthew Green said...

You do know about the "Internet Archive Way Back Machine", right? I just looked up the Zita address on their site, and found this:*/
I don't know which date to check to get the most content, but all is certainly not lost. Which is the one you particularly miss?

Ben Hatke said...

Oh yeah! A friend told me about that. Thanks for reminding me.

it was this one:

Ben Hatke said...

This shows pretty well what the old site looked like:

and there's a little sketch partway down (10-4-05) that actually sort of made it into the book. On page 63.

Fr Matthew Green said...


How are book sales going?

Fr Matthew Green said...

Thanks for sharing the link to "The Lost Thing"! It's charming in its oddness.

yujiayao said...
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Ben Hatke said...

Hey so the lost thing won an award!

That renews my hope in art and beauty and such things not being always cruelly trampled and stomped upon!

because, at the end of the day, aren't we ALL a "lost thing?" and don't we al secretly hope to win a fancy award?

I know I do.