Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saint Zita

Happy Feast of Saint Zita to one and all. And thanks to the illustrator Anna Formaggio for the reminder. Here is a several years old sketch I did of Saint Zita doing what she was known best for -baking bread. The sketch was an idea for a painting that I never came back to. Maybe one day.


Margaret Perry said...

isn't that funny how your Z is good at baking too. :)

Tim said...

I featured St. Zita on Twitter today via my daily saint twitter account @saint_tweet.

I was looking forward to it ever since I saw that today was her feast day. I'm a big fan of the Communion of Saints and really enjoy it when interesting saint names pop up in popular culture. In fact I was hoping to send a bonus saint_tweet post that linked to Zita the Space Girl but I guess the site is on hiatus (yes?). Any recommendations for a link to ZtSG?

Ben Hatke said...

Aww! YEah the ZtSG site is STILL offline. I'm WORKING ON IT I PROMISE!

Meanwhile, I guess you could just post a link to this here blog? Or there's also this two page Zita short on the First Second flickr page:


That's a link to page one of two.

anna said...

beautyfull sketch!
Zita SpaceGirl รจ una delle mie preferite, aspetto nuove storie!
ciao, buon fine settimana!

Ben Hatke said...

Come sempre: Grazie Anna!

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