Monday, March 8, 2010

Art at the Mill -Part 2 and COMICS

I thought I'd post this old ink and wash drawing because it is also making the trip to Art at the Mill. I loaned it to a friend some years ago and it has been hanging in his office for so long that it felt a little like an imposition to ask for it back. The girl in the picture is asleep, but she still seems to like to travel.

Also, to continue my intermittent Sunday Comics on Monday, here is a short one about Knock Knock jokes:

YOu see, as far as Julia is concerned a Knock Knock Joke consists entirely of shouting "knock knock!" again and again. I'm still trying to come up with a good place to put these journal comics. These guys seem to need a room of their own.

Finally, I added Larry MacDougal's blog to my list. I remember finding his fantasy art years ago and being awed and inspired. His water-coloring is always a feast for the eyes.