Friday, May 11, 2007

Art and Comics

Sometimes I worry that "serious" painting and cartooning aren't compatible. I love painting and I love making comics. I don't ever want to have to choose between them.

Then I remember that one of my favorite sculptors, Bernini, was also a popular caricaturist. He was sought out by Papal and royal courts for his skill at condensing a personality into only a few lines. And he was good at it, as you can see below (though I guess we don't have the model to compare to):

On the same token, Bernini was also a master architect and sculptor -responsible for the Exstacy of St. Therese, an amazing depiction of Apollo and Daphne, and this fantastic little elephant. Best of all, his badass David makes Michelangelo's version look like Little Lord Fauntleroy:

Addendum: Apologies to my mother. I sat for ten minutes trying to think of a more appropriate word than "badass" for Bernini's David, but there just isn't one.


WondrousPilgrim said...

badass is really the only work for it. that, and rockin'! :)

Lawrence Klimecki said...

Hi Ben,
Nice place you got here :)
In the cycle of The Liturgy of the Hours there is an intercessory prayer for artists, that their work may glorify God and bring hope and joy to his people.
I think there is a need for both types of art.

Ben Hatke said...

Thanks Lawrence!

Where can I find that prayer? I mean, I have a copy of the Liturgy of the hours, but I don't recall ever seeing it (and it's got about a billion pages).

Lawrence Klimecki said...

It depends on which book you using but it is one of the intercessions for evening prayer, Tuesday, week III, ordinary time. The line reads:
"The talents of artists reflect your splendor,
-may their work give the world hope and joy."

Anonymous said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more! I saw both David's in Italy this spring. I was shocked at how disappointing Michelangelo's turned out to be, and shocked at how AMAZING was Bernini's. Good use of verbage. haha.

Christina said...

I'm surprised your blog is G if you use words like that... ;)

Anonymous said...

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